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Diamond Home Improvements Midlands Ltd - For all your roofing requirements


New Roof Installations, Roof Repairs & Roofing Upgrades

We undertake minor repairs and if required complete new roof installations. 
Missing or damaged roof tiles require replacing to ensure no rain water can cause any damage.
Minor repairs fixed early on, can prevent other problems developing if left. 
If roofing problems are not repaired the overall damage and costs could increase.


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We are based in Hinckley and cover the surrounding areas.

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Diamond Home Improvements Midlands Ltd



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Roofing Services

We cover all aspects of roofing, from replacing damaged or missing tiles to full roof replacements, including the installation of a new breathable membrane,  and treated battens.


We convert conservatory Roofs.

It is important to carry out any chimney repairs when replacing a roof or replacing missing tiles.


Chimneys take the brunt of the weather and, over time, the rain and wind will cause the mortar between the brickwork to crack and crumble.

To keep the chimney stable a small re-pointing job undertaken early will prevent a larger more expensive job if its left.


With the change in the types of fuel used for the heating in a property, there is sometimes no need for a tall chimney and we can provide a chimney reduction or removal service, if required.  Many people convert their lofts into rooms and no longer use the chimney, so removing it can give you extra space.

Fascias and soffits can be repaired or upgraded to the new upvc systems which are durable and require no regular maintenance.

Fascias are the vertical boards that are under the edge of the roof line.
The soffits are underneath and can be viewed from looking up at the roof from the ground level.
The soffits can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area.

We repair and upgrade gutters.

Gutters perform an essential job.  Roofs are designed for the rain water to disperse into the gutters and, in turn continue to flow into the downpipes before entering the drainage system.  If the gutters become blocked, by debris, moss, bird's nests, broken tiles etc. then this will stop the rain water from flowing through the gutter system. If the gutters are blocked this can cause dampness, damage brickwork on the property and even problems at the ground level if repairs are not undertaken.  We provide a gutter cleaning service as well as repair and upgrade the gutter system.  

Flat Roofing

We repair and install new flat roofs.

There are a number of options to choose from, this usually depicts the type of building that needs attention, for example, garage roof, outbuilding or a roof on a bay window.  Three main types of flat roof:

Tradidtional Felt Roof

EPDM Rubber Roof

GRP Fibreglass Roof

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Flat roofs have a slight pitch of only a few degrees to enable
 rainwater to drain away into the gutter.

We carry out felt roof repairs and install new roofing. Traditional felt roofing has always proved a popular material for flat roofs.

Felt roofing is a cheaper alternative to other types of flat roofing material.


If laid competently, can last for many years
The cheapest flat roof option
Damage resistant
Easily repaired
Has good expansion and contraction properties

 Firestone EPDM rubber roofing systems have a good reputation because Firestone is a 
leading manufacturer of high performing rubber Roofing Systems for both
 commercial and residential roofing applications. The systems allows one 
piece applications up to 61mtrs long. This allows a flat roof to be laid 
where possible without any joins.

Rubber Roofing products have many advantages over felt roofing
as it is UV resistant therefore, it will last much longer as it doesn't need
 replacing very often making it extremely cost effective. 


Superior durability
Seamless sheets in 1 piece
Very low life-cycle cost
High flexibility and elongation
Environmentally friendly
Recovery of rainwater
Fire resistance


Can last up to 25 years
The most expensive material due to its high durability

Cost effective due to its lifespan
Incredibly resistant to most types of damage

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Keep Safe

All our roofing work is guaranteed, based on a written estimate prior to work commencing

and we are insurance company approved.

As roofers,

we take Health and Safety seriously for the safety of both our workers and our clients.

Areas we cover

We are based in Hinckley and cover the surrounding areas

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